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Junckers Industrier A/S is Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring for the sports, residential and commercial segments.

At the same time, we are the only flooring company in the market that can complement our products with a carefully balanced range of our own produced wood-care products for regular maintenance and renovation of wooden floors. Thereby, Junckers is always able to provide a complete solution regardless of the task at hand.


Bona is regarded as the world leader in non-toxic water-based floor finishes. Bona water-based finishes meet the strictest world standards for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) with a solvent content of less than 10%. Bona finishes have proven performance in more than 90 countries worldwide protecting timber floors with superior wear resistance.

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Becker Acroma

Becker Acroma, a brand of Sherwin-Williams, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of lacquers, paints
and stains for the wood finishing industry.

Becker Acroma wood finishing solutions allow great flexibility, since they can be adapted and developed to suit your individual needs and circumstances. We place special emphasis on research and development focused on environmentally compliant products and techniques.